Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coaching

Are you looking for change?

You have found the right place. Sessions focus on discovering what you want, setting goals and using evidenced-based techniques to reach those goals and achieved sustained change and self-development.

Sessions can help you to:

  • manage stress and anxiety,
  • increase assertiveness,
  • have more quality time doing what you love,
  • become more productive at work,
  • feel healthier and more energetic,
  • have better sleep,
  • feel more confident, happier and more fulfilled,
  • develop healthier and more meaningful relationships,
  • discover the career and life you want.

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Here is more information:

What is Life Coaching to find out how life coaching can help you.

Meet Life Coach and Psychological Therapist to find our more about the founder and Coach at Be Brilliant Life Coaching.

You have come this far to make a change, keep on going. I look forward to hearing from you.

Testimony “I wasn’t sure if coaching was for me, but boy I am glad I did it. I am happier and more in control at work and at home. Everyone could do with a coach.” Anon, 44.


Services and Prices

Our therapy / coaching sessions are delivered in person or via Skype or over the telephone. A combination of the three can be used depending on your preference. Sessions take place in the daytime and evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with some limited sessions available at the weekend.

Sessions pricing:

  • Initial telephone consultation to decide if Be Brilliant Life Coaching is for you – Free
  • In person, Skype or telephone coaching sessions are £90 for an hour.
  • Block booking of 6 sessions is £450, giving a saving of £90 (equivalent to £75 a session).

Review Coaching Sessions pricing:

  • After attending a block of Coaching, short review sessions can be offered. Telephone or Skype review coaching sessions are £50 for 30 minutes.

Try before you buy

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Does Coaching Work via Skype and telephone?

Yes, there is a lot of evidence that coaching via video or telephone is as effective as face to face. Coaching actually lends itself to telephone and Skype as many clients prefer the flexibility of having sessions where they are, rather than having to take the time out to travel to sessions.

Business Services

If you are a company looking for coaching during this stressful time, please get in touch. Packages are available and can be tailored to your business needs.

What is Life Coaching

This page aims to tell you what Life Coaching is and help you decide if Life Coaching is for you.

How a Life Coach can help you

Your life coach will first meet with you to understand your personal story. They will ask you many questions to get a full understanding of what the problems are and what you want to change. You then work together to set personal goals to overcome the problems. Your life coach will use effective coaching techniques to help you set your goals. Sessions that follow focus on achieving your goals using evidenced-based coaching practices. How many sessions required is different for each person. Your life coach will tell you after your first meeting how many sessions they recommend. You enter into an agreement to focus on your goals within and between sessions.

Worried about what you will be asked?

 You do not need to talk about anything you are not comfortable talking about. Sessions focus on the present and future. If there are issues from your past that are creating barriers to achieving your goals then sessions will look at finding solutions to those barriers.

Common problems clients present with are below:

  • work/life balance
  • work stress and anxiety
  • low mood
  • low self-esteem
  • career transition
  • career progression difficulties
  • lack of assertiveness
  • difficult relationships
  • weight and body issues


What you can expect from Be Brilliant Life Coaching

  • Professional service
  • Qualified Life Coach who has membership with the Association for Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Coaching
  • Free no obligation telephone consultation
  • Time-limited and focussed sessions
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Non-judgemental and friendly approach

Email now to arrange your first free no obligation telephone consultation.

Learn more by clicking Meet Samantha Bennett, the Life Coach.

Life Coaching Defined

“Life Coaching is a collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee.” Association for Coaching.