How to challenge Perfectionism – being okay with okay

Welcome to the Challenging Perfectionism Coaching Course information page.

  • What does it meant to be a perfectionist?
  • Is this coaching course for me?
  • What will I learn from challenging my perfectionism?
  • What benefits may I gain from attending this course?
  • How do I apply and attend the course?

What does it mean to a perfectionist? 

Being a perfectionist doesn’t mean being perfect. A perfectionist will often put overwhelming pressure on themselves to meet standards that are unattainable to meet all of the time. A perfectionism may report positives from having high standards while experiencing significant difficulties from their perfectionism. Often perfectionists are very self-critical when they make a mistake, which can negative impact on their motivation and wellbeing. Some perfectionists will procrastinate or avoid doing things the think they may fail at or fall short of perfect, which can also negatively impact on their functioning and wellbeing.

Challenging perfectionism can help you strive for excellence in a happy and healthy way.

Is this coaching course for me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have unrelenting standards that are unattainable all of the time?
  • Put overwhelming pressure on yourself to be perfect?
  • Find making a mistake or receiving criticism very distressing?
  • Avoid failing at all costs?
  • Procrastinate when a task is too difficult?
  • Feel paralysed and unable to start something new?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions this course is for you.

What will I learn from challenging my perfectionism?

The course is split into 6 sessions:

Session one you will learn what perfectionism means, understanding perfectionism and what keeps it going.

Session two you will weigh up the pros and cons of perfectionism to get you ready for change and learn how to begin to challenge perfectionism. You will learn a mindful breathing practice to manage any stress felt with challenging perfectionism.

Session three you will learn how to reduce some of your perfectionistic behaviours.

Session four you will learn how to challenge your perfectionistic thinking.

Session five you will learn how to challenge some of the unhelpful rules that keeps your perfectionism going and re-evaluate the importance of achieving. Further strategies will be introduced to help you create a more balanced view of your self-worth.

Session six you will learn how to continue challenging your perfectionism by pulling together everything you have learnt over the course and creating an action plan for the future.

What benefits may I gain from challenging my perfectionism?

Improve wellbeing: Challenging perfectionism can help reduce the negative consequences associated with perfectionism such as anxiety, worry, frustration, sleep problems, issues with food, relationship difficulties, social isolation.

Increase happiness and have less stress: Loosing our demanding standards will protect us from our sense of failure as we can learn how to accept our limitations. When we are not putting extreme pressure on ourselves we can better manage stress, improve our mood and build healthy self-esteem.

Be more productive:  Being a perfectionist can result in avoidance, procrastination, repeated checking of work and excessive time taken to complete task, which can all impair our functioning and productivity. Creating realistic goals and reducing the strain on ourselves can improve our motivation and increase our productivity.

How do I apply and attend the course?

Please email with your interest in attending the Challenging Perfectionism course.

You will then be booked in for your free 30 minute telephone consultation with your coach to understand your aims for coaching and to ensure this course best suits your needs.

You will then book your first coaching session at a time that is suitable for both you and your coach. There are evenings and weekend sessions available. You can chose your preference of in person, telephone or video sessions. Five further sessions will be agreed at a mutually agreed time and frequency.  This 6 session course costs £450 and is payable at the first session.

Get in touch. You have come this far, email now to book your free no obligation telephone consultation. To check out our coaching room location for in person sessions and opening hours click

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Challenge your perfectionism. It is okay to be okay.