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  • What is stress management?
  • Is this CBT course for me?
  • What will I learn?
  • What benefits may I gain from attending this course?
  • How do I apply and attend the course?

What is stress management?

Stress management is the learning of techniques to better manage stress and anxiety. This coaching course uses evidenced-based techniques in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness.

Is this CBT course for me?

Ask yourself these questions

  • Do you feel tense, tired or do you experience headaches?
  • Do you feel anxious or experienced panic?
  • Do you have difficulty relaxing or experience sleep problems?
  • Are you getting agitated and annoyed at the small things?
  • Are you often thinking the worst or overly negative?
  • Are you struggling to cope with the many pressures you are under?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions this course is for you.

What will I learn?

The course is split into 6 sessions and will be tailored to your needs and experience of stress and anxiety. The below is an example of what you may expect from sessions:

Session one you will learn what it means to be stressed, you will understand how stress effects the body and how we can use Mindfulness techniques to manage the physiological sensations of stress.

Session two you will learn how to understand and challenge any overly negative thinking in stressful situations using CBT techniques. This can help improve sleep and our ability to switch off from our thinking.

Session three you will continue to develop new ways to relate and react differently to stress and any overly negative thinking patterns using CBT and Mindfulness techniques.

Session four you will learn behavioural techniques to relieve and manage stress suited to you, your interests and your lifestyle. Work/life balance, sleep, diet, exercise, habits, relationships may be covered.

Session five you will identify any barriers or difficulties to managing stress and learn ways to overcome these barriers.

Session six you will learn how to continue managing stress by pulling together everything you have learnt over the course and creating a plan for the future.

What benefits may I gain from stress management?

Increase happiness: When we are less stressed we are more able to enjoy what we are doing. By managing our overly negative thoughts and engaging in positive behaviours for stress relief, our mood improves.

Healthier body and mind: Tension headaches, tense muscles, upset stomaches, fidgeting, can all be signs of stress. By managing stress we can improve wellbeing. Stress management help us to understand what our bodies and minds need to be healthy and happy.

Improve work/life balance: When we have an unhealthy work/life balance, this can have a big impact on our stress levels. Learning how to have a healthy work/life balance can improve our stress and wellbeing. In addition it may improve productivity both at work and outside of work.

Ability to relax and improved sleep: Our sleep and ability to switch off is commonly effected by stress. By learning ways to manage our stress we can improve our sleep and our ability to relax in our free time.

Improve your relationships: Being stressed can have a big impact on our relationships and the people around us. When we are less stressed we are more able to enjoy other people’s company, we are more able to manage difficult interactions and we better able to manage our reactions to other people.

How do I apply and attend the course?

Please email with your interest in attending the stress management course.

You will then be booked in for your free 30 minute telephone consultation with your coach to understand your aims for coaching and to ensure this course best suits your needs.

You will then book your first coaching session at a time that is suitable for both you and your coach. There are evenings and weekend sessions available. You can chose your preference of in person sessions, telephone or video sessions. Five further sessions will be agreed at a mutually agreed time and frequency.  This 6 session course costs £450 and is payable at the first session.

Get in touch. You have come this far, email now to book your free no obligation telephone consultation. Click here to check out our central Edinburgh location and opening hours.

Stress management with CBT

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