Powerful, life changing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coaching Courses

Be Brilliant life coaching tailors individual cognitive behavioural therapy coaching sessions for a range of wellbeing and psychological issues such as anxiety, low self-esteem, stress, low mood, lack of motivation, chronic procrastination, body image and eating problems, career issues and relationship difficulties. Please check out the options below for your Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy sessions. We also offer a range of tailored, time-focused coaching courses on specific issues including  Self-Esteem Training, Assertiveness Training, Stress Management, Career Coaching, Time Management training and Challenging Perfectionism.

Not sure what you need?

Get in touch for your pre-consultation telephone session, where your coach will help you to create your goals, explain what options may be best for you and tell you more about sessions and fees. Email now to learn more or book your free telephone consultation: info@bebrilliantlifecoaching.com

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coaching Sessions and Courses available

Number of sessions are determined by you and your coach/therapist. Sessions are tailored to your needs and use evidenced based cognitive behavioural therapy coaching and mindfulness practices to reach your goals. Sessions may use the content of several of the courses on offer below which best suit your needs along with other techniques in order to work towards your goals. Book your free no obligation pre-consultation session now by emailing info@bebrilliantlifecoaching.com 

Building self-esteem

Building Self-Esteem – 6 session course, £450

Become more self-confident by challenging your inner self-critic, increasing positive view of self and realising your potential. Learn more here.

Increase your assertiveness by learning evidence-based CBT techniques. Discover how to challenge passive habits, passive aggressive communication and behaviours and/or aggressive outbursts. Learn more here.

Be brilliant career coaching at a crossroads

Career Coaching – 6 session course, £450

Discover the career that suits your skills, interests, knowledge, values and wants for your life and how to get that job you want. Learn more here.

done is better than perfectionism

Challenging Perfectionism – 6 session course, £450

Challenge your unrelenting standards and feelings of failure. Challenge your procrastination. Get results by becoming content with greatness not perfection. Learn more here.

Person needing Be Brilliant Stress Management

Stress Management – 6 session course, £450

Learn how to manage your stress and anxiety. Increase your understanding of stress and learn stress management techniques to improve your well-being. Learn more here.

Person working needing time management

Time Management – 2 session course, £150

Challenge your lateness, procrastination, time wasting and become more productive and on time. Learn more or book now by emailing info@bebrilliantlifecoaching.com.
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