Innovative Stress Management for businesses

Be Brilliant Training – less stress at work and more success at work

10 benefits of stress management for your company:

  1. Your staff will be more productive
  2. Your staff will be able to concentrate better
  3. Your staff will be less likely to make mistakes
  4. Your staff will be healthier
  5. Your staff will be happier
  6. Workplace relations will improve
  7. Absenteeism will reduce
  8. Presenteeism will reduce
  9. Staff turnover will reduce
  10. You will be making efforts to adhere to the law to ensure your staff are not ill due to work

Your company will be more successful if you reduce stress levels of your staff.

Let me help you by delivering high quality Stress Management Training. Your company and staff will be in safe hands. I am a experienced Life Coach and qualified Psychologist. I have taught stress management for many years. I deliver bespoke high quality in house stress management training customised for your business needs. I believe in making your business more successful by improving employee health and wellbeing.

3 Reasons to choose Be Brilliant for your Stress Management Training:

  1. Bespoke training package for your staff based on your business needs
  2. Training uses effective evidenced-based techniques and sound psychological principles to achieve maximum results
  3. Training is designed and delivered by an experienced Psychologist and Life Coach

Stress Management Training Options:

Programs are tailored for you: from one hour workshops to full day training; from small groups seminars to conference style lectures. One hour seminars can start from as little as £500 and savings are made when booking multiple training. Get in touch today to arrange a free no obligation meeting to assess your business needs.


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