10 reasons to do Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) Coaching

This page aims to tell you what cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) coaching is and help you decide if coaching is right for you.

How CBT Coaching can help you

Your coach will first meet with you to understand your personal story. They will ask you some questions to get a full understanding of what the problems are and what you want to change. You then work together to set personal goals to overcome the problems. Your coach will use effective psychological coaching techniques to help you set your goals. Sessions that follow focus on achieving your goals using evidenced-based psychological coaching practices. How many sessions required is different for each person. Your coach will tell you after your first meeting how many sessions they recommend. You enter into an agreement to focus on your goals within and between sessions.

Worried about what you will be asked?

You do not need to talk about anything you are not comfortable talking about. Sessions focus primarily on the present and future. If there are issues from your past that are creating barriers to achieving your goals then sessions will look at those barriers to allow you to find solutions.

10 common reasons clients present for CBT coaching:

  • work/life balance
  • work stress, anxiety, procrastination
  • social anxieties and imposter syndrome
  • low mood and depression
  • low self-esteem and high criticism
  • Lack of motivation or burnout from exhaustion
  • career progression difficulties or blocks to career
  • lack of assertiveness
  • difficulties in relationships
  • weight and body issues

There are many more issues that coaching sessions can help you with. Everyone is different and unique and we tailor sessions to suit your needs. Samantha and Jenny are trained psychological therapist with years of experience of working with clients with a diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, complex trauma, BPD, Bipolar. At Be Brilliant Life Coaching we work with the person and the difficulties rather than focusing solely on diagnosis. You can trust you will be listened to and respected, without judgement, working with qualified life coaches and psychological therapists.

What you can expect from Be Brilliant Life Coaching

  • Professional service
  • Qualified Life Coaches / Psychological Therapists who have membership with the Association for Coaching and Master level degrees in Psychological Therapies
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Coaching
  • Free no obligation telephone consultation
  • Focussed sessions
  • Confidentiality assured
  • Non-judgemental and friendly approach

Email info@bebrilliantlifecoaching.com now to arrange your first free no obligation telephone consultation.

Learn more by clicking meet the team. If you would like to read a research paper into the effectiveness and efficacy of CBT, click this link here.

Life Coaching Defined

“Life Coaching is a collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the coachee.” Association for Coaching.

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