Free Audio and Script – Simple Breathing Exercise

Hello Be Brilliant Blog Readers and Followers

To show my appreciation to you all for reading and following my blog, here is a free audio of a simple breathing exercise (two minute duration). Please use as often as you like and share with any friends who you think may benefit from more happiness and less stress.

Please press play above for an audio of the Simple Breathing Exercise or read the script below:

If you can pause what you are doing, close your eyes and focus on your breath. If you feel more comfortable to have your eyes open, gently divert your gaze to the ground. 

Begin by bringing your attention to your breath. Notice if it is fast or slow. Notice if you are holding your breath. Play with the rhythm of your breath and find a pace that feels comfortable and soothing to you. Try not to hold your breath but instead breathe in a rhythm that is even as you breathe in and breathe out. 

You may find it helpful to say in your mind “breath – ing – in” as you breathe in and to say in your mind “breath – ing – out” as you breathe out. 

Breathing in, breathing out in a rhythm and pace that is comfortable for you. 

Continue to focus in on your breathing for a few more moments. Feeling your breath filling your body as you breathe in and gently leaving your body as you breathe out. 

When you are ready open your eyes, look around, thank yourself for the practice and continue with your day.

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